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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Art Of The Sea

I have been a person of the sea since I was a kid. Surfing from a young age and later finding windsurfing and paddle boarding, I am in the water whenever possible.

I have also been drawing and painting since I was a small thing and obviously with the amount of time I spend in the water you can safely say that most of my inspiration for my artwork comes from those experiences.

One thing I particularly enjoy is the vastness of the sky you get from standing on a beach and looking out to see. It is this perspective that I try and incorporate into my work as you can see from the examples I have posted.

I also enjoy big bold colours which stems from working in places like the Caribbean, where the light is amazing. But at the same time I do enjoy the moodiness that the coast can throw at you which is why my work can appear to be greatly contrasting. A bright sunny feel one minute follwed by a darker more sombre scene the next.

I am always in the process of working on new pieces and the paintings you will see on here are just a small selection of my work.

If you would like to commission an original or would just like a print of one of the pieces then please email me. I can also do bespoke greetings cards for any type of occasion.


Price List

Commissions -

As stated above, I do commissions for people, but please take into consideration that my work is 100% organic.

You can of course state the colours you would like to see, and whether the image will be a wave or beach scene etc, but the way it will turn out will be open to my interpretation. Of course it will be in the same kind of style you see in the examples and you can be assured that you will end up owning a truly unique and original piece of work.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss any requirements.

Prints -

Prints are also available. Choose from the images posted on this blog and then you will recieve a high quality print on canvas, which will be almost as good as the real thing!

Greetings Cards -

The greetings cards I do are all bespoke and are in fact like mini commissioned pieces but are obviously scaled down. If you want a truly original and meaningful greetings card then this could be the thing for you!

Please be aware that these pieces are also 100% organic and open to my interpretation. Colours and type of scene can be stipulated just like on bigger pieces.

*** Please note, greetings cards are 1 size only ***